Regular fertiliser applications and weed control along with scarification and aeration can prevent common bug and disease problems from occurring.

We can provide advice on most lawn problems and we can arrange for a lawn specialist to come and inspect the lawn and to advise on our lawn care treatments, all applied by our fully qualified lawn specialists.


Green lawns UK are a Birmingham based lawn treatment company with over 15 years experience. We operate throughout the West Midlands area, as an independently run business.



All our friendly staff are qualified and trained in all aspects of professional lawn care.  We at Green Lawns UK offer 4 treatments a year. We do so because we realise as with most things regular maintenance is the key.


If you have been thinking of having your lawn re-turfed then why not give us a call as we may be able to save you time and money with the treatments we offer.


Most people at some time or another have tried treating their lawns themselves, without getting the results they desired.

Customers simply don't have the time or know how to do it themselves.

We at Green Lawns UK are committed to helping people improve the health and appearance of their lawns, and in most cases less expensive than ’DIY’.

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